A Bubbly Easter Brunch

I’m usually a Fall girl.  I love the wind coming and bringing some cool north air after a long hot summer in Texas.  I believe that is where the phrase “a breath of fresh air” came from (wink wink).  But I can’t disregard the breath of fresh air the Spring brings.  The kiss, that the warm sun brings after the frost, is quite refreshing as well.  My favorite part of Spring is the colors.  The blue skies, the greener grass, the budding trees.  And the flowers….LOVE the flowers.  Here in central Texas, we have the most beautiful displays of wildflowers and it makes my heart so happy to see them roadside on my way to work.  Now, Easter brings it’s own beautiful palette of color.  The soft pastels kiss my eyes and I am drawn to their whispers of new beginnings.  I admit…I’m a huge color fan.  I am like a kid in a candy store when I see a wall of threads!!  

So now to Easter.  I’m thrilled to host Easter at home next weekend with my kiddos.  I can hardly wait to enjoy Easter brunch and pull out my sweet little bunny dishes and pastel pink fruit bowls, and I think I may monogram some new napkins for my own family this year.  I also know that some adorable bunny guest towels will grace the bathrooms in our home!  I am obsessed with our Chinoiserie Bunny Towels.  I also plan on making the kids, even though they are adults, their own little Easter baskets.  They will most definitely get some of the succulent Salted Honey Caramels we brought into the shop this year.  I need to give them to the kiddos so I don’t eat them all myself.  I actually believe an adult Easter Basket may be even more fun that  the little’s basket.  Maybe because it’s more of a challenge…it’s not as predictable!  Ooooh…maybe the girlies will get new spa wraps this year!  (Always a big graduation gift, but it’s been a bit since they have graduated!). I am also certain to include one of our best selling candles!  If you are local, come by the shop so you can immerse your senses with these beautiful aromas by B's Knees Candles.


I actually started this blog to talk about a brunch cocktail that I’m thinking about serving.  So without further adieu, I’m thinking our brunch cocktail will be a Bunny Nose Kiss.  This is going to be my twisted version of a mimosa, as it will have juice and bubbly, but it will also have a little bit of tequila!  Yup!  This Bunny Nose Kiss will be a merging of a marg and a mimosa!  Whatttt??  Yup.  It will be a little orange, a little lime, a little tequila and just the right amount of bubbly!  I’m also throwing in a splash of pineapple to go with my pineapple cake!  


If you would love the recipe, be sure to stay tuned to my Cocktail Hour on Instagram on Friday, and watch for the recipe in an email early next week!  


I hope you all enjoy this holiday with friend, family and the beautiful colors and fragrances of the season!  




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