We all have a sense of pride in our name and initials. Each carries—and boldly tells—our stories.

Monogramme No. 29 was created to celebrate the uniqueness of you and all the special moments that are part of your journey.

Classic Monograms with a Trendy Touch

From saying "I Do" (and partying with your besties before the big day) to creating a home with your true love and welcoming a new life into your family, our customized offerings mark the occasion forever. We live for a classic monogram with a trendy touch, but we also generously embrace (and create!) the best of-the-moment styles. We believe the most memorable bespoke gifts blend classic and new aesthetics in an original way, so we're always discovering the latest goods, styles, and color combinations that make the perfect gifts to give and receive.

"Fashion trends come and go but good manners, good etiquette and personalized gifts never go out of style."

- Rhonda Conces
Formerly a Labor & Delivery nurse, founder Rhonda Conces sustained an injury in 2017 that ended her career in L&D.

During her recovery, Rhonda turned to her hobby of quilting and embroidery as a source of joy. She thought it'd keep her busy...which turned out to be an understatement! Within a year, Monogramme No. 29 had grown from a little business to a thriving brand, bringing its signature classic styles with a modern flair to customers all over the country. And though you might think that working in L&D and embroidery seem worlds apart, Monogramme No. 29 encompasses all the things Rhonda has always loved most: celebrating life and memorable firsts with wonderful people.