We all have a sense of pride in our name and initials. Each carries—and boldly tells—our stories.

Monogramme No. 29 was created to celebrate the uniqueness of you and all the special moments that are part of your journey.

Classic Monograms with a Trendy Touch

From saying "I Do" (and partying with your besties before the big day) to creating a home with your true love and welcoming a new life into your family, our customized offerings mark the occasion forever. We live for a classic monogram with a trendy touch, but we also generously embrace (and create!) the best of-the-moment styles. We believe the most memorable bespoke gifts blend classic and new aesthetics in an original way, so we're always discovering the latest goods, styles, and color combinations that make the perfect gifts to give and receive.

"Fashion trends come and go but good manners, good etiquette and personalized gifts never go out of style."

- Rhonda Conces
Formerly a Labor & Delivery nurse, founder Rhonda Conces encountered a life-altering moment in 2017

when an injury redirected her career path away from the hospital.

Despite the unforeseen change, Rhonda's resilient spirit led her down an unexpected but equally fulfilling journey.

Amidst her recovery, Rhonda found solace and joy in her longtime hobby of quilting and embroidery. Little did she know that what began as a simple pastime would soon blossom into something remarkable. Monogramme No. 29 emerged from this period of transition, quickly evolving from a modest venture to a beloved brand, captivating customers across the nation.

Driven by passion for personalized touches and timeless style, Rhonda expanded her vision further, opening a boutique that marries the bespoke artistry of monogramming with her love for classic and comfortable apparel. So many items exude a touch of sass on occasion, reflecting Rhonda's vibrant personality and commitment to infusing joy into every aspect of life.

In this sacred space, every moment is celebrated through fashion and gift-giving, echoing Rhonda's belief in the power of meaningful connections and cherished memories. From custom monogrammed treasures to classic and comfy attire, Rhonda's boutique invites customers to embrace their individuality and elevate their everyday experiences with style and grace.

Through Monogramme No. 29 , Rhonda continues to weave her unique blend of classic elegance and modern charm, infusing each creation with the same warmth and care she once offered as a nurse. In every stitch and selection, Rhonda's dedication to spreading joy remains unwavering, a testament to thougtfulness found in celebrating life's precious moments.