And Just Like That, We are TWO!

The phrases that pop into my mind as I start to jot down a few words about celebrating 2 years in this business, are "Where in the world has time flown?" "I feel like we have all been friends forever." "Oh, how much we have changed." "I can't wait to see what next year holds."  and I must not leave out, "I'm so over the year 2020!!!"  Ha ha.  Can I get an AMEN?  

With that being said, I'm also so positive about the next few months and all that will come, and more changes to be made.  We just opened our doors to the Little-Boutique-That-Could and we are so excited to meet the people in our town and all it's wonderful visitors.  (FYI...every Saturday is Mimosa Saturday here, so if you are in the Texas Hill Country for vacay, c'mon over!)

I didn't want to let this milestone pass us by without highlighting some of the changes we have made in the past year.  To start, we changed our name.  There are brief moments where I see the name Southern Stitched Designs and feel a tinge of nostalgia.  I did love that name, but if I'm to be completely honest, it didn't have a personal meaning like Monogramme No. 29 does, and I'm very happy that I incorporated such a personal touch in the name of this personalization business. 

Next, we launched a much more "user-friendly" website.  I would love to know how you all like it.  I'm certainly open to some sweet "constructive criticism" on how you feel like it works for you.  I'm always wanting to make things just a little bit better and nicer (as well as easier) for all of you! 

Then, we did open our physical doors last week, and we are so excited to see what all that brings to the whole mix.  I'm secretly hoping that everyone who reads this makes a trip to Comfort, TX just to see me now!  :)

We have certainly also changed our lovely gifts and offerings to meet the requests and standards of our customers and friends.  We always are striving to make sure we would send you what we would give our dearest loved ones ourselves!

I want to say the sincerest of Thank-You's to all of you, My loyal friends and customers.  You have made the past two years such a joyous and memorable time for me.  I know you may be reading this and not know my whole story, but making such a huge career change has been scary and bittersweet at times for me.  Life has thrown many a curve balls with this injury.  However, you have all made it COMPLETELY fabulous!  ***Thank you***  I truly adore you all!  Please accept my gifts to you this month and know that as I stitch each and every order, I thank God for you!  You are loved and prayed over!

Cheers and Hugs to you all!




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