Back To School, Back to Brunch

How many of us moms agree that Back to School is a bittersweet time of year? 

We all dread the tasks of shopping for school supplies, buying new clothes for growing humans, and arguing with the little chickens that they need to go to bed earlier to get used to waking up earlier!!  Don't even get me started with all the Back to School paperwork that comes home in those new backpacks on day 1.  But, the flip side of this coin is that they are BACK in SCHOOL!  Moms can get back to having a little quiet time to do the laundry, go to the grocery store, or go to brunch with the girls!  That was always my favorite part of the kids going back.  I was able to have some adult time with my friends without screaming banshees all over the restaurant. 

So now we have the idea of getting ready to start the new school year off right, and we have lined up some great backpacks, lunch boxes, nap mats, and duffle bags to make you smile as well as your lovely littles. 

A backpack to a kiddo is their version of our purse.  We want it to be on point with style and function!  We got that here with these monogrammed cuties.  We have seersucker, gingham, camo and more!  Click here to check out the adorable patterns and then make it all yours with a fabulous monogram. 

If you would like a toddler or preschooler smaller backpack, click here! (great little diaper backpack too for those quick outings! 

Now, I think a personalized lunch box just makes sense!  Sometimes those kiddos get lunch boxes mixed up...I'm just sayin'!  We have a few different lunch boxes to choose from.  This one is my favorite for the little ones.  One great thing about all the lunch boxes is they are well lined for easy clean up after a spill!   This cute style is also nice and will fold up well to fit inside a backpack when it is empty!  I like this one too because it is insulated...great for when you use an ice pack to keep things cold!  Then, this lunch tote is a cute option for older kids and adults.  It's shape is very stylish and sleek!  I love it!!! 

Next, if you have a kiddo in preschool and they have a nap time, our nap mat is just adorable and easily functional!  It has a built in pillow that can be removed during wash, and also has a built in fleece blanket!  I have not used these personally, but my friends that have littles use them, and they say they wash VERY well and there is no "bunching" of the lining during wash!!  Well made, adorable, and PERSONALIZED! 

Finally, if your kids are involved in activities such as dance, gymnastics, baseball, or other sports, this duffle will be perfect for them!  It is a great size and easy to handle.  Washes well, and is a lovely palette for a beautiful monogram with embellishments to show off their favorite hobby or maybe most current obsession!  Unicorns pop to mind, because that is my granddaughter's most current!  

Ok...that should help all you fabulous Moms and Dads out there get this school year off to an A+ start!  And for moral support, I will have an extra cocktail this evening and think of all y'all having to get things done over the next few weeks!




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