Easter Baskets & Family Traditions

Sitting here, I can’t help but think about how quickly time has passed but the traditions and memories are still clear as day to me.  It seems like just yesterday, my youngest was asking if he could have more candy from his Easter basket.  Boy, I wish I had soaked up even more of every moment of my children when they were young, knowing that someday on Easter, my adult children wouldn’t be looking for their Easter baskets anymore. 

But make no mistake – if they come home for Easter, I will certainly give them a basket just like the Easter Bunny did when they were littles.

The days when the whole family is home together are few and far between now that they're grown up with their own lives. They do come back for occasions and holidays, but it's not like how things were before...  While this makes me a wee bit sad, I look at the incredible young adults they’ve become and I have to hold back tears.  I could cry happy tears right now as I’m so incredibly proud of them!  However, I would still love to go back and sit on them so they didn’t grow up so darn fast!  

Thus, I have begun new joyful traditions with my sweet grandchildren.  

And I don’t know about you, but I’m very nostalgic when the seasons change – and I can’t help thinking about all the fun things we did when my kids were young.  While some traditions happened on purpose, others became a tradition by accident – and it wasn’t until a few years into them that I finally called them traditions on purpose!  

Spring has to be one of my favorite times of year for traditions.   I love the colors and the idea of all things becoming new again.  A fun tradition I started was having a big, old candy box displayed on the counter with Easter candies overflowing with everything from chocolate bunnies, Peeps, jelly beans… a smorgasbord of sugar, and my kiddos LOVED it!   In fact, I know the kids would tell you right now that this is one of their favorite times too.  Their Easter Baskets were also full of surprise-filled plastic eggs, beautiful lollypops, and of course, the star of the show was the Chocolate Bunny!  The excitement surrounded the morning when the kids came downstairs to see what the Big Bunny left in their baskets.  


Another tradition by accident, that I hold dear…  was a dual credit in my book, a real win-win – kids receive new duds in their baskets, and I turned what was a need into an extra fun fulfilled little basket!  I knew that summer would soon arrive here in the South, and those kiddos would need a new swimsuit and some fun, new flip flops and hair bows for the girls!  The girls were always so excited to receive a new swimsuit.  The days to come would be filled with swimming pools and beach time.  The beauty of the Easter Bunny bringing a new swimmie to them is the Bunny had control of the swimsuit coverage!  *genius*   


Here at Monogramme No. 29, we have been receiving fabulous little swimsuits from one of our favorite lines, The Beaufort Bonnet Company.  They are as precious as they can get!  As I walk through the shop, it always brings a smile and a sweet memory of my kiddo’s Easter mornings.  These swimmies are the perfect addition to any Easter basket. And don’t forget we have hair bows, fun candy, and some fun basket fillers for every kiddo’s baskets.   We also carry Wubbanubs pacifiers that make great Easter basket gifts for all the sweet babies out there, along with our 3 Martha’s bibs and burp cloths.  


One tradition I wish I had had when my kids were young, was an Easter Basket Bow!  I didn’t know what I was missing if I’m being completely honest.  However, now that I have these beautiful bows in the shop, I know that my little chicks would have had them, and they would have been a tradition for sure.  I can certainly assure you that I make them now for all my grandkids.  




The basket bows simply velcro onto the top of any basket.  The bow itself claims its owner with a sweet monogram or personalized name on the sash.  You can even embellish it with one of our classic bunny designs!  We have several fabric choices such as ginghams, seersucker and new this year, eyelet in pink and blue.  


Don’t be like me and look back and realize you could have made one more holiday tradition that your children would grow to cherish.   Some fabrics are limited-edition, so reach out to us if we can help you personalize it just as you wish.  


And to add your own win-win, we also have a hand-picked selection of beautiful Easter outfits to choose from that will definitely make memories that live on in your photos forever! (Oh how I wish we had cell phones with cameras back then.)   We love to monogram on all the precious Easter dresses, romps, or short-alls for your little this spring!  


Easter is a great time to get together with family and friends - so don't hesitate! We'll be happy to help you celebrate your favorite traditions or start some new ones!



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