Fall Changes

Falling for change!


I recently told a friend that I feel like my soul  craves and seeks a change in the seasons.  This year has been so odd with the weather and I have felt myself feeling a little low when usually this is my time of joy!  We have had 6 days of mid 90’s in the Texas Hill Country in October and I think our average normal highs at this time of year should be very low 80’s.  So, I have felt a little like my soul has been seeking and searching and in a little distress.  I'm doing all the Fall "things."  I have the pumpkins out, I have the cider candles burning, and I’ve even had a couple of Pumpkin Spice Lattes!  Yet, I still need to feel the weather change!  It is coming though..as I write this, I think it is supposed to change within hours!!  So, let our souls rest and then be renewed, dear friends!

I want to share my top three New Arrivals with you so far this season and that may perk everyone up!  These are “my” top three favorite new arrivals but my team may have different ones, so starting In November, I am going to highlight favorites from our staff, customers, and of course, I will want to share my favs with y’all on occasion!  I look forward to the changes that are also coming for the website!!  (I spilled the beans a little in my 1000th IG post!  If you didn’t see it, go check it out! 

First, I have to share these Weekender Bags with you!  These bags are just so clever and thoughtful!  That is exactly what someone will think of you when you give this as a gift!!  If you love to travel and shop when you are on vacay, this is a bag for you!  Or…if you just love a weekend bag that stores away very discreetly, then this is your friend, friend!  This bag comes folded up inside a little bag…open the little bag and pull out the big bag!  Surprise!  You will love how big it is.  Then!  The little bag now becomes an inside pocket to the big bag by snapping it in with the magnetic snaps.  Genius!  Here is the cherry on top…they both come monogrammed!  I’m gushing with excitement!  Wait…did I mention that there is one in a black and white Leo print?!

Next, I have not been able to stop thinking about who I will give this to for Christmas this year!  These Wine Totes are such a fun way to give a gift of wine or bubbly to someone in a tote that they will love and use!  They will have it to carry wine to friend’s homes, restaurants that are BYOB, or when traveling.  Hubs and I always bring a few bottles of wine with us when we go visit the kiddos or family, and using this wine tote will be so convenient! 

Let’s end with a Texas Showstopper!  This little Cowboy layette theme is alll that.  It’s cute, it’s on point, and it is a must for any little cowboy you are ready to wrangle.  If a little cowgirl is what has roped your heart, then we have all things girlie in this wide open category as well!  Be sure to check out that sweetness here!  I remember when Hayden, my son was a little toddler.  He loved to wear his cowboy boots and diaper…that’s all!   I think the pitter patter of little boots may just be the most precious of all sounds! Precious memories!  Make yours today with these little darlin’s. 

If that doesn’t turn your Fall into a crisp applicious day, then have a glass of wine and come back and read again! 




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