Family Time

As a parent myself, I am happy to say that one of my favorite times was when I got to sit down and play with my children.  This wasn’t just playing with toys but having appropriate conversations with my children.  Now, I am thrilled that I get to do this with all my grandchildren!


Spending a good amount of time with your child can have such positive effects on them!  In fact, it has been shown in different studies that spending time with your children can help them academically!  More importantly, spending a bit of time with your child or can boost their communication skills.  Something that is so very important for them.


Luckily, Monogramme27 has your back! We have some great things to help you start getting in these much-needed positive connections with your child or children.



We have amazing little cards that can be placed wherever your heart desires.  Think Elf on the Shelf only for every day!


You can use these for adding some inspiration to your child’s lunchbox. Perhaps they have trouble brushing their teeth, so add a fun little “gift” they can fi

nd next to their toothbrush.  You could even lay one on their pillow, so they find it before bed.  You pick the place; they get the inspiration! 





One of the things that I always made sure that we did as a family was Family Date Night.  This was one day every single week where the entire family sat down together and did something.  This could be a movie or a game. 


We have fun Parent – Kid Conversation Cards available.  This is a fun way to let your kids put you on the “hot seat” instead of always having to be the one answering questions!




Books are a great way to share time with your children. I remember sitting down with a book and having my children gather around to listen. Oh, how their little faces just beam, or their little giggles fill the room when something is funny in a story.


We have amazing books for kids. They are short reads, so they make a great book for bedtime, in between appointments, or simply for fun!


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