Father's Day Gift Guide


Dad's are just so stinkin' hard to buy for!  My dad has had sooo many gifts from me  through the years that were completely useless to him!  🤦‍♀️  I have given him just about everything that they could put a golf ball or golf logo on!  LOL.  He was a big golfer.  My dad turns 90 years young in September this year!!  I think he is the most amazing man I know.  He has never ever acted one day older than 10 years younger than his age.  He still does not behave like a 90 year old.  He is funny...he will tell me stories about his 91 year old sister and about how old and forgetful she is getting...as if he is nowhere near her age!  Haha!  I love him so, and I can't wait to share more about him in the future!  Now...If he were still golfing, I'd definitely give him #8 on my gift guide!  😜

Let's get to it!

1. Men's Dop Case -  This handsome case is made of a canvas and faux leather and looks so rich and fabulous up close.  I love how is has a loop handle that is attached to the zipper!  make that little unzip job a snap!  This case would be practical and well loved...just like dear old dad!

2. Men's Canvas Laundry Bag - This is definitely practical.  This is great for the dad that travels often and has laundry that he would like to keep separate.  This is also useful for storing sporting goods or other things that keep well in bags!  Ha ha!

3.  Men's Essential Travel Pouch - Here you go.  This case is a little less roomy than number one on the list, but I just love this bag.  It is very handsome.  You could put "Dad" "Old Man" or his initials...whatever makes him feel special!

4.  Shot Glass Set - This travel sized shot glass set is a great gift for many occasions...Father's Day just happens to be one of them!  There are 4 stainless steel shot glasses that put away well in the personalized zippered pouch.  Pair this with #5 and you have a great little set!

5.  Personalized Flask - Ok..here you go. This, with #4 and Dad's Favorite bottle of Bourbon or Whiskey and you have a winner of a gift!  You'll be writing ME at thank you note for how excited he is!

6.  Catch All Tray - This gift is for Dad who has it all.  Give him something that he will use every single day and think of you.  Perfect for keeping his keys, spare change, wallet, or anything that he wants to keep in one easy place!  This is an excellent gift for guys!  

7.  Loop Key Chain - This is maybe my favorite Father's Day gift.  I love this because it is inexpensive and anyone can get a great personalized gift for dad.  Let's be real...Dad likely does not really need anything.  But the fact that you would get him a personalized gift may mean the world to him.  This is a great gift!!

8.  Golf Towel - OK...here you go!  Dads who love to play golf can never have too many golf towels...especially ones that have their name on them...or ones that come from you!  Perfect gift for dad, grandpa, or anyone that you call beloved!


Well, Chickens...that is a good start! 

If we can help you at all with your Father's Day needs, feel free to give us a call or send us an email!  We are always here to help!




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