Give Often...

Give Often…


With Mother’s Day, Graduation, Teacher Appreciation, Baby and Wedding showers galore, it is no secret that this time of year is a giving season!  While it seems like it can all be overwhelming, don’t you get a little bit of a high when you give a gift and you see the smile on someone else face because of that gift?  I’m serious…I literarily feel euphoric.  I guess that’s why I love spoiling my grandkids like crazy…there is just something so fun about seeing their faces light up when they get to my house because they know that Lolli will have some kind of goodie for them. 


I wanted to share a thought that I have had for a while now about giving.  I won’t get all spiritual on you, but if you want a little sermon, give me a call!  He he.  It truly is better to give that receive.  We don’t get this realization fully until later in life.  You think when you are young that you get it, but I really don’t think it is something that is fully appreciated until you are older and really have no “need” for anything anymore, and you just get full satisfaction in giving.  Here is the deals…I think you can still, at any age, get the concept and understand that giving is what it really is all about.  I’m not just talking about gifts, or money, but giving in so many various forms.  You can give by giving time, giving advice to someone who really needs some wisdom on something, giving friendship, giving patience…there are so many “gifts” to be given all day long.  I love giving my dogs the attention they desire.  To see their tails wag makes my day like nothing else!!  I will tell ya something…on the end of receiving, I LOVE getting little messages or emails  from customers telling me how much they love their new goodie, or thanking me for writing them a note.  You guys are big givers, and I want you to know that your gift is SO appreciated!!!  Now, doesn’t that make you feel good that you gave a compliment! 


Every single one of us has the means to give every single day and I think it is more therapeutic that any medication you can take!  I could write so many more paragraphs about different ways to give, but I think you got the point.  This, Chickens, is why I love my little business so very much.  I’m in the gift business…not only the gift business, but personalized gifts, which is even MORE precious!


Thanks for your ear!  Hugs to all of ya!  YOU MAKE MY DAY!! 





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  • Susannah

    Everything you do looks amazing & total perfection .. quality is outstanding . Love your message … you are so precious & have a gift in what you do ! So glad I met & found your shop ! Thank you so much !

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