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Hey Chickens…I have a slogan!  I actually came up with it early in my business development.  Somewhere along the way of building my website and figuring out where this little vision was headed, I forgot about this slogan. A friend of Emily, and now friend of mine, Rachel, helps me with my graphic design on my marketing.  I am not good at this stuff at all!  But Rachel was working on something for me and she came across my slogan and reminded me about it.  She said, “You should be using this on everything!”  The slogan is Give Well, Give Often, Give Personalized.  She is absolutely right!  This “slogan” is more of a mission or purpose statement as well for me.  I want to, as a business owner and provider of goods and services, Give Well, Give Often, and of course, Give Personalized. 

I want to take a couple of weeks and really define each of these principals and share with y’all the passion that goes into this Small Business with Big Purpose.  I don’t wanna just throw it all out there at once, because I really want to focus and give each principal it’s fair impression. 

The first is Give Well.  There are a few meanings behind this first, and foremost, two words.  I will break it down to each word individually.  First is Give.  I want to use my time and my efforts in my life and this business to be a giver.  I have learned in life that giving far outweighs any amount of receiving…in most cases (I’ll clarify that in a minute).  The joy of giving anything at all, either a gift, time, money, prayer, you name it is far more satisfying than anything else I can experience.  Giving is so powerful.  It will turn your seemingly average life into a life with intense purpose with intense inner satisfaction. 

***Now…let me clarify a little somethin’ here.  I’m not a supporter of giving just to make life better for your kids than what you had it, or giving with the intent to show others that you have the means to give.  Not a fan of giving in an understated way of trying to “keep up the Jone’s” so to speak or, show off how much you can give that ultimately results in some false sense of personal gain, and at the expense of making others feel less about themselves.  Giving your children too much is also such a disservice to their own development of working hard and learning how to achieve things on their own.  You, as parents, should be teaching your children the virtues of patience, contentment with less, and how to work hard to gain something that motivates them.  Don’t steal their joy of working hard to get what they really want.*** Rant over

Giving encompasses so much that I can’t properly pay it homage in this one little blog post. But, it is the one word that is in all the principals in my slogan and purpose statement.  I want y’all to know that it is what I am about.  I’m about giving.  Yes, I sell things, and want to make a profit, and want to earn a living…all so that I can give though! 

In this little business with big purpose, I want to give Well.   The word “well” portrays the meaning of proper, decent, generously,  and kindly.  These are all words that I ponder and use to make decisions.   I want to give you all the best products with the best value that I can find so that they are Well given.  Now…this has sometimes been, and continues to be, an evolving process.  It can be a challenge, but it is ultimately my goal.  I do this so that my customers Give Well…and in turn, they have joy!

So…I find it so appropriate to share this blog post on Good Friday.  I am a Christian, and today is a very heavy and blessed day for me.  This day is about the ultimate GIFT.  It is about the sacrifice of His very life to cover my sins and give the gift of eternal life.  He gave all that He could give….I receive that gift with joy and humility and thankfulness today! (this is where it is a joy to receive)!  My prayer for my customers, my family, and my friends, is that you too find the same joy and Gift of eternal life and forgiveness of sin.  There is no greater joy and there is no greater example of Giving Well that Jesus’ gift on this day. 

Love to all of my Chickens…Happy Easter!!




  • Pamela

    Thank you for this wonderful message. Especially during this Easter Season where the Lord Jesus gave his Life for us.
    You give everything so beautifully! Everything I have ordered has been extra special! Many thanks!

  • Connie Reed

    What an amazing article 💟 I have myself so much to be thankful for and being able to call you “friend” I give thanks. I have only known you for a short period of time, but very quickly I saw and felt such warmth and kindness from you, as if we had been friends for a long time. I wish you and your family blessed Easter🍃💟🍃and look forward to getting to know you better. Connie

  • Becky Jackson

    What a sweet and heartfelt post. We think so much alike! I love to give well and help others give well. My family sometimes doesn’t understand my drive to work hard (they say, “You’re killing yourself!”) so that my customers can give well! They don’t understand that my joy comes from putting a smile on someone’s face whether it be with a special cake, a cute cookie or a beautiful embroidered item! It’s just what makes me happy! Thanks for your sweet words, have a blessed Easter weekend!

  • Margot Martin

    Powerful! You have such a kind Christian heart! I feel very blessed to know you a little bit better and that I have supported YOUR business. Your daughter, Emily, is a sweetheart too! I see where she gets it from. Blessings, Margot

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