I'd Love To, But My Dog Said No...

Oh, how I love my pups!  Have you ever thought that the world goes in some crazy biometric or gravitational waves at times where everyone seems to love all the things you love all at the same time??  I once thought I was the ONLY one that was crazy addicted to coffee, or caffeine in general, because I love my tea too, but I feel like “loving coffee” is the cool thing now.  I see coffee addiction memes, shirts, and sayings everywhere!!  This is kinda how I feel about my dog addiction now.  EVERYone loves dogs!!

I grew up with dogs in the house.  I had a schnauzer named Pepper for a large part of my childhood and he was a part of our family.  When I had kids myself, we tried dogs every so often, but my kids were not too hip on them. I found that they were like having another kid, and I was already consumed enough, as it was, with 3 kiddos under the age of 5!  The majority of my adult life was dogless.  The kids liked cats, so we were a cat family!

After George and I married, he was an “outside only” dog person.  He would not have any dogs in the house at all.  His kids had allergies to dog hair, so we had outdoor Weiner doggies.  We still have Buck and Bear and they are sweet as sugar!!  When all but one of our seven kids were off to college and out on their own,  I was having some major empty nest syndrome.  I missed having an outlet to bestow my maternal smooches on!  George would always say…in his gruff, grizzly bear persona, “The quickest way to a divorce is to get an indoor dog.”  Well, after being a bit sad and blue for many months after Jessi and Emily went to college, I decided to challenge his ultimatum.  I went on one of my days off, while he was at work, and bought Biscuit.  My sugar pie love Shih Tzu.  She has been my little angel dog from heaven above.  Exactly what I needed to get over my empty nest!

Now, you may be wondering if George stayed.  Of course he did!!  He also fell in love.  He would NEVER admit to that, but he did.  Eight months later, he bought Bogey for me for Christmas, my second Shih Tzu love dog.  Bogey and Biscuit fell madly in love.  They decided to have a family of their own…a few times!  (Ha ha)  We kept two of their puppies from different litters, Button and Chunk.  Life is good…I have jokingly said to many of my friends that if I had known how wonderful having dogs was, I may have never had the kids!!  The kids will all tell you that I love the dogs more than I love them.  I would never admit to that!  

Well…I have not mentioned Tootsie yet.  Last year, before my foot injury, I decided that I wanted another female that was not genetically related to Bogey in case I wanted to have more puppies.  I found a wonderful breeder in the Canyon Lake area that had a solid brown Shih Tzu.  I fell in love again.  She was mine.  It was about a month after I got her that I attained my injury, and had to stop my nursing job.  I have been home with her nearly her entire life.  She has been my shadow for a year and a half now…possibly completing our little family here in the Texas Hill Country!  So, you may be wondering how George is doing with all these indoor dogs…Well, he tolerates it.  Lol. They all sleep with us in our bed every night!  He must really love me, I guess.  He he.  

I’m So So stinking excited to add this Pet collection to the Southern Stitched Designs family.  This is near and dear to my heart, and I hope you love them all as much as I do!!

Enjoy a discount for my launch!!  You can save 20% with the Code Word WOOF now through Monday, October 15th at midnight!!  I would love to hear from you about your pet love story!!  

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