Independence Day

As I have been a busy and a hustlin', I had a reoccurring thought that came into my head.  I wonder how many holidays go by that people really don't get they don't even know why we actually celebrate these reoccurring holidays each year.  I remember on Memorial Day, someone mentioned on a social outlet that he wanted to "shout out" to all the veterans and thank them for their service.  Someone had to chime in and inform him that Memorial day was not a day to acknowledge living veterans, but to pay respects for all that have died serving this great country.  While I silently criticized the person who corrected him in my own mind, he was correct.  It made me think and wonder if I had also done a poor job educating my children about these national holidays and what they actually mean.  

I love the Independence Day story.  I love the idea of independence from someone that is holding you back or controlling you...especially someone that does not fall in line with your fundamental belief system.  I want to take this one step deeper.  I don't think oppression is limited to a someone...It can come in many forms.  For me, the most recent subjugator was my left foot.  

After sustaining this injury, I felt very limited and held back from the life I had always known.  I was oppressed for a period of time, and I wondered if I would ever have a normal way of walking again or if I would be able to be independent in my normal daily activities.  Time brought about new developments and new ambulation devices to bring about a more independent life.  I remember going to the mall with my daughter, Jessi, with a walker and I struggled to carry my own purse as I held on to the only thing that enabled me to get out of the house.  We quickly learned that I just needed some kind of basket on the front to hold my purse and my packages.   She brought over some ribbon and tied the basket to the front of my walker and voila...a little more independence!   I refused to let this keep me prisoner in my home.   I was eventually able to walk without a walker, with the help of an orthotic device.   That was the beginning of my real freedom.  I am now able to walk and do most things that I did before with the help of a little piece of plastic and metal wrapped around my foot!  There are many things I still cannot do as I did before, but life is still very productive and I now have opportunities that I never knew would be perfect for me.

Here is my main point.  I think that we all have oppression in one way or another.  For some, it may be anxiety.  For others, it could be a physical condition.  To many, it is simply their own insecurity in their abilities.  To this country in 1775, it was the control of a leadership that used us for their own financial gain.  Here is what I want to say to you all...we are Americans.  We have the same spirit and the same tenacity to overcome anyone or anything that holds us back from the life we are called to live as our forefathers had.   Tap into that spirit of freedom and bravery and live your life free from anything that does not fit into your belief system or that holds you back from the life you were meant to live.  If I had been a slave to this injury, I would never be typing this message to you.  I would never be living this life of creativity and passion for a small business that brings so many new people into my life on a daily basis.  I have had such joy through such despair.  It has been a pleasure through pain! brave!  Enjoy life to it's fullest and give with all your heart! 

Hug to all,


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