Love DAY!

All Hearts and Bubbles for a day of love…


Let me say straight up honest, I wish my hubs were a little more Romantic!  He’s a super sweet man, but romance is not his strongest endearing quality.  I will say that he has qualities that far outweigh his lack of planning the perfect romantic dinner date!  LOL.   I think it is probably more common than not that men are not as romantic as their female counterparts!  We girls are just more instinctively sappy about things.  That’s why they are called “Chick Flicks” ya know? 


With this little “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus” revelation, there comes a few times when ladies may be completely disappointed at Valentine’s Day.  The anticipation of the one day of the year where it’s all hearts, flowers, and mushy, gushy love stuff!  I, for one, am all for it.  I love all the mushy, gushy.  Sing me a love song…which hubs does do from time to time…feed me chocolates as you run your fingers through my hair.  Stroke my cheek as you tell me how beautiful I am.  I can’t not laugh as I type this!!  Now, if your love bug does these things with you, you go girl!  I’m totally jealous!  But, if your guy is more like mine and slaps you on the hiney as you walk by, listen to me a little bit more…


I think Galentine’s Day is the best thing that has come out of Gen X so far!  For reals…we girls gotta stick together and celebrate February like it is meant to be celebrated!  Bring on the bubbly cocktails, heart shaped cookies…heck, heart shaped everything…balloons, flowers, matching PJs!  I’m all in!!!  Oh, don’t forget that Chick Flick!!  I wanna laugh and cry at the same darn time.  Celebrating Galentine’s is just the ticket to get all we want out of this ❤️Day and not let the date night with our guys end in tears.  Ha ha…haven’t we all been there once? 


So…if you haven’t already heard or planned for it, research Galentine’s on Pinterest to get allll the cutest ideas, gather allll your fav gal pals, a few bottles of bubbly and celebrate Love Day like you have always wanted…without the gushy kiss at the door!  A peck on the cheek is just right!   Ha ha…or do whatever makes you happy! 


If you need a little help getting your party started, go see our V-Day gift sets!  We also have lots of adorable PJs so you and your besties can match for a precious sleepover party!!  Let us know how we can help with all your Valentine/Galentine needs.  If you would like us to drop a hint to your love, we can send an email or text and tell them exactly what would melt your butter!  Just let us know! 




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  • Becky

    I’m right there with ya sweet friend! My husband has never planned anything special or romantic and after 39 years of marriage you just get over it! 😂🤣 Needless to say, I am still a romantic at heart! Glad I’m not the only one who suffers through this missing element in life. Hope you enjoyed your Valentine’s Day! ❤️

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