Major life events…

As we are getting closer to my daughter’s wedding and awaiting 2 new grandchildren that should arrive any day now, it makes me look back and think about all the amazing life events there are.


Weddings, babies, kids going to their first day of school, kids going to college, birthdays, holidays.  Life events can simply be a special day that you’ve always celebrated or even celebrating your family!


Whatever the occasion and life event that is going on, we have all the gifts that you could need!


The amazing part about every gift that you can find with us is that we can personalize it just for you and your life event.




Not sure about you, but I know that there are a lot of little celebrations that go on before the wedding itself.  Get matching monogrammed pajamas for the bride and bridesmaids get together.


Not part of the wedding party? Then check out the many different towels that we can monogram for you!  Put their initials or use Bride and Groom to help them celebrate their new life together.





Babies are so precious and it is always a fun event when you get to welcome a new wee one into the world.  Try giving a monogrammed blanket that they will always get to keep.


Not into a blanket, try a cute little outfit that has their initials so they can be the envy of all the other little ones.






Birthdays are always fun to come around.  We have notebooks, cups, and totes to choose from! 


Not necessarily your style? Don’t worry, we have shirts or pajamas that you can monogram to make them even more special than the regular shirt or pajamas!





Holidays encompass everything.  Christmas to Valentine’s Day to St. Patrick’s Day to Memorial Day.  Whatever the Holiday, we have something for you to pick from.


One of the great things that we offer is purses and totes!  These are never wrong to go with, but more importantly, we can monogram these to make them even more special for the holiday!


Don’t forget the luxury blankets that we have to offer as well.  What could be a better gift than a monogrammed blanket to snuggle with?


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