Monogramme No. 29...what does that even mean?

Number one question about our new name… What does the 29 mean?  Why Monogramme No. 29??


I hope my reason doesn’t burst any bubbles, ha ha!  We are so excited about our new name change!  When I started this little company almost 2 years ago, I really had no idea if it would sink or soar.  I was simply trying to divert my attention from a major, life-changing injury that halted my career as a nurse.  I needed to do something that renewed my heart and gave me new goals and new dreams.  So, I jumped in head first…I chose a name that I thought captured my style and my own personality.  I’m Southern inside and out!  Southern Stitched Designs was a great name.  However, it no longer seemed to fit where I want my business to go.  We are introducing more options for monograms other than “stitched!”  We are excited to introduce our new Hot Foil Stamp monogrammed gifts very soon!  We will continue to expand our monogramming options just for you!


Now…what the heck is the 29 all about?  Well, this business is a very personal thing for me, so I have to always focus on what is most important in life along with growing a business.  Family!  The number 29 is a family number. I’ll explain… My birthday falls on the 29th of January.  My first daughter was born on December 29th.  My second daughter was born on June 29th!….do you see a trend here??    Now, my son came in on July 8th.  He kinda broke the cycle, but we just added his dad’s birthday to his and that equaled 29…what??  Well, that officially makes him a 29 too!  It’s funny how you always seem to notice “Your” number out and about everywhere.  The number 29 has just been our thing and always will be.  So when I’m busy every single day with monogramming and taking care of all my beloved customers, I will always have the 29 there to bring me back to what life is all about! 


Oh…here’s a little more info for ya!  My daughter, Jessi was born on 12-29-92 at 9:29 AM.  Wink wink!


That’s it…mystery solved.  What can we help you with today?  Always feel free to reach out with a call, direct message or email!


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  • Jan STone

    I can’t seem to find the zebra pjs you showed on Instagram. Can I also call you with an order. I don’t see your phone number either. Thanks

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