So much LOVE in 2019 ❤️

Holy Sweet Tomatoes, has this already been a fast and furious 2019?!?!  I cannot believe that January is 1/2 over already.  How many of you have still kept up those New Year’s Resolutions??  I have not!  I actually never really made any official resolutions.  I will be the first to admit that I suck at keeping them…I have, however, given up powder sugar donuts in the mornings!  (Although, I’m getting weak)    Y’all do not understand the depths of my powder sugar donut addiction as of the past year.  I will eat a couple every morning with my coffee…just those little ones. My pups are very disappointed in this change because I also gave little bites to all my Shih Tzu love dogs…who, without a shadow of a doubt, LOVE THEM!  They are missing that little morning sugar rush and have not taken to the black coffee addiction that I refuse to give up!

So…lots goin’ on around here.  Just returned from the Atlanta Gift Market and….oh. my. Stars!  Wait till you all see the little nuggets of gold that I have coming to you this Spring and Summer!  It will be tough to resist…fair warning!  I kind of “pushed the envelope” a little with some of my purchases, but I have a feeling that you will all get a hoot out them!  I have so many great ideas for my brides and my beauties.  You will all have no problem finding things you love and things you will love to give…after all, being a great giver is what it is all about!

With that said, lets talk a bit about Love Day coming up!  I am a HUGE fan of Valentine’s Day!  There is something super sweet about celebrating love and all your relationships.  I will take this opportunity to say my Hubs just melts my butter and I could not imagine life without him!   OK…no more sappy!  I want to talk about our gal pals!  I ADORE this new trend called Galentine’s Day!  I think it is genius!!  It is a way to celebrate a holiday and have so much fun without our guys rolling their eyes and not really “getting” the whole thing.  I think it would just be a blast to get together with my girlie friends and have a Heart themed Sleepover, and do the whole Girl’s Night In thing with fabulous cocktails, games, chick flicks….whatever!  Just have a great time…I think it is the best opportunity to also get some adorable matching pajamas and take lots of fun selfies and post allll over social media!!  ❤️❤️😂

Sooooo…For those of you that have “gift-giving challenged” hubbies…kinda like I do, I have a Perfect Solution for y’all…I have 2 V-Day gift sets on the website that have some fabulous gifts in them!  If you would love to get one of these babies for Valentines, all you have to do is send me a message with your guy’s email address!!  I will shoot him an email with a short and sweet message and an OH, SO, EASY link to purchase.  I will have it shipped in a cute gift box and all he has to do is take the credit and all the kisses!  Overpriced roses are so “yesterday” and  I mean….when you see what is in the gift set, it will make flowers that die in a week seem like chopped liver!  C’mon…you know those roses cost more than these gift sets and you’re left with nothing to show for it at the end of the week….This will be sooo much better!  Cross my heart, it’s easy as pie!

These sets also make great gifts for daughters, sisters, or those precious gal pals!  

Alrighty…y’all have a great week!  



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