From little pink bonnets to little blue rompers, The Beaufort Bonnet Co has so much to offer for all your wee little needs.


The Beaufort Bonnet Co started generations ago after a young mom had her first baby. She was gifted the sweetest little bonnet that she had ever seen. So, she was inspired by this perfect baby bonnet and decided to use this bonnet pattern so that every baby could have one.  This is how The Beaufort Bonnet Company came to be.


I am obsessed with babies. I love them so much. I believe they are a gift to us, not to mention I have two more little grandchildren coming to us this year! So, I always want the best for my little ones.


If anyone were to ask me why I love The Beaufort Bonnet Co so much, it is a no-brainer answer!


Some of my fondest memories of my children being little was dressing them in sweet matching outfits and taking pictures of them every chance I had. Back then, it was with a point-and-shoot camera!  So, no “redo” could happen. Paying for pictures to be developed was a bit pricey for me, but I did it anyway.  I cannot imagine how many pictures I would have of my little chickens if I had this fabulous smartphone back then!  Maybe that is a good thing too.


TBBC encompasses everything that I value.  Quality, timeless style, and giftablilty!   (That should totally be a word!)


While there are many new designs created, TBBC’s trademark product is their bonnet, which is based on a generations-old heirloom pattern.  It is the combination of timeless design and practical function that is continually developed within their products.



M29 is not only proud to be a TBBC partner, but we are honored!  I hope you love these collections as much as we do!  Do not be surprised if you see lots of pictures of my own precious grandchildren in these sweet outfits!


TBBC is a natural fit to M29’s Baby and Children Collections!  They encompass everything that I love (style, design, quality, and giftability) and desire for my own chickens and now grandchildren!


TBBC brings seasonal selections that keep you coming back for the most adorable outfits all year long.


Of course, we offer monograms on everything! This is just our unique style.  To me, TBBC was seriously made for monograms!


TBBC has been mentioned in magazines such as Forbes, InStyle, OK Magazine, People, and The Wall Street Journal.


Here are three of my favorites!


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