The Southern Giver...

If you’ve ever been to a bridal shower or baby shower in the South, there’s no doubt you’ve “ooooohed and ahhhed” over all the lovely monogrammed gifts with the new baby’s or bride-to-be’s new name or initials on it.  There is just somethin’ about receiving a gift with your name or monogram that takes it to the next level.  So much so, personalized items are considered the trademark of Southern Hospitality!
Many of us have that embroidered handkerchief we carried on or wedding day, or the crochet blanket someone made for our precious little baby, or that sweet little hat with her name embroidered on it.  Personalized items tend to imprint the memories tied to a them...oh, how I love looking at one of my little girls baby dresses and getting that warm feeling again of being a new mommy!   What was a thoughtful touch on the giver’s part turns a simple gift into a legacy, oh, what a treasure!!
Personalized gifts are such a joy to give.  Waiting in expectation to see the recipient’s response (which is pretty much always awesome) and knowing you’ve played a part in providing a legacy item that may, very well, be kept for years and years, is key to some good Southern Spirit!!  It shows you went the extra mile to make them feel not only important, but made the gift uniquely theirs. So, the next time you’re looking to be the most awesome gift giver ever, or to be a big part of a special occasion, remember – give well, give often, give personalized!

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