Valentine, Schmalentine!


I had an earth shattering “ah-ha” moment the other day.  I was thinking about this whole Gal-entine’s Day movement, as it were, and really found myself just loving the idea of it.  I have said that it is a genius way for us girlies to be just that…extra girlie!  V-day is a very girlie holiday…I mean, pink…purple…red.  These are all girlie colors, and hearts is one of the first things I learned how to draw as a little girl.  I don’t see a lot of boys drawing hearts all over their notebooks.


 Anyway…it made me think about how the traditional Valentine does not have to be so traditional.  Honestly, I think a Valentine can come in many forms.   It is supposed to be someone you love…it does not have to be a “lover.” The more I think about it, the more I wish it were not so geared towards a  lover’s holiday and more just about meaningful and joyful relationships…which is why I love Gal-entine’s Day so much.  I adore that it is so inclusive.  It includes those that don’t have a husband or a boyfriend, and then it takes away one day where ½ the population doesn’t have to be miserable simply because of a relationship status.  Truth be told, there are a lot of “couples” out there who are not even happy together…they wish they were single.  It’s all a bit senseless.


 I love the idea of calling my granddaughters and my grandson my Valentine.  I still love calling all my kids my valentines!! So here is a thought…what about a “Pup-entine’s Day???”  Now, I know what some of you are thinking…that crazy dog lady!  Yes, I am crazy about my dogs, but for some people, their pets really are their valentine!!  It may be the only companion they have.  And thank goodness pets are such amazing and unconditional companions!  They are a magnificent source of love and happiness.


 So, Thursday should just be about love…love, no matter the form!!  I hope that everyone has a valentine…if it’s a husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, son or daughter, or even a dog or a cat!  Heck, it could even be a little pot belly pig! Did I tell y’all that I am on a mission to find a little miniature pot belly pig?  Hubs is saying no…but I’m gonna find a way to convince him! 


Y’all are just the best valentine’s a girl could ask for! 




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