Copy of Pricing Chart

Classic Monograms:
Classic monogram styles are included at no additional cost when items are purchased through Southern Stitched Designs. Otherwise, pricing is determined by size and letter count as detailed below. Please call if there are any questions.

Fancy Smancy Monograms:
Fancier monograms, including those with higher stitch counts, will be an additional cost of $10 for designs 6 inches or smaller and $20 for everything above 6 inches.

Baby and Children’s Monograms:
Classic monograms styles for babies and children are included for items that are purchased through Monogramme No. 29.   Until our children's monogram page is updated, you may email us at and we will be happy to assist you with styles available.  Any specialty designs or borders will be an additional $8 charge. Items provided by customers will be priced according to price chart below.

Applique Names and Letters:
Applique letters are priced individually. Letters that are 0.5-3 inches are $2 each, and anything above 3-6 inches will be $3.50 each. Anything above 6 inches will be $4.50 per letter.

Monogram and Name or Word pricing: (pricing includes basic set up charges)

 Small Medium Large Extra Large
(0.5-2”) (2”-4”) (4”-6”) (6+ inches)
1 Initial $6 $10 $12 $15+
2 Initials $8 $12 $14 $25+
3 Initials $10 $14 $16 $35
4 Initials $12 $16 $18 $50+
5 letters or Name $12 $18 $22 $50+